The government using microwave technology to rape men women and even our children

Im a victim of gov microwave and electromagnetic assults i have a victim now for 7 years they started off with the voices which is called V2K they have targeted my heart kidneys stomach and given me cancer. But for the past year or so they have been doing something thats very sick as if the rest of is not they have been raping me every nite and day with this technology they enter my rectum i sleep with foil and metal taped to my ass but nothing keeps them out nothing blocks it. I ask myself why would the gov thats suppose to protect us do such a sick thing im 56 year old man that cant sleep at nite because my government is raping me it also been reported that they even rape children, children are crying because they feel something in there private parts and parents dont know what to do its bad enough they do it to women and men but can you imagine a 3,to 6 year old coming to you telling you they feel something moving inside of them and they are pointing to there private parts. How sick is that what could they get out of doing that to any one not to mention a toddler. And they call it a matter of national security can you believe that. They have threaten my freedom and threaten to take my life how can that be a matter of national security. President obama and Clinton both know of this torture and do nothing to stop it, here recently a protester ask clinton and trump about this and secret service made them put there signs down and put one man out so that should tell you that they know about it but they dont want you the public to know about it because they would know how angry this nation would be but its slowly coming out more and more cases are going to courts and judges are kicking them out because this act is protected under the nstional security act and the gov dont have to talk about it. But people that come forward like im doing are being killed and put in mental hospitals where they are said to be mentally ill to shut them up. Did you know that the gov has surveillance that can see you thru the walls of your home they watch me use the bathroom and shower every day and watch who ever comes over use the bathroom my grandchildren. And believe it or not they are watching you do the same thing they have technology that can read your mind put thoughts in your head that you thought was your own thinking they can see every thing you can thru your eyes hear every thing you hear thru your ears all in real time. Americans better wake up but i feel its to late while you where busy calling us crazy and ignoring the different bills they were passing they sneaking these technologys thru in bills that was taking away your and my privacy thats why when people take them to court they find out there case has been dismissed and theres no such thing as invasion of privacy any more due to the patriot act thats protected in the name of national security. Every thing they are doing is protected under national security they did this right under your noses while you was thinking watching tv or something was more important. I dont mean to get on you the people but the american people has this attitude if its not happening to them they dont care and you dont read any more all of this is on the internet where they have patent on all of this technology there even something that says the government can use these weapons on any human with out your consent now how did americans let that get by them without questions. Dont you think its time for you to start reading because now the only way this will be stopped is we the people is going to have to stand together  because the people make the gov and when we stand together theres nothing we cant change. They want to keep you stupid to the facts Obama gets up and lie and tell you what you want to hear and you think every thing is ok, but its not he tell you he cares about the people he dont if that was the case why is he allowing his gov to murder and torture and rape the people of this country. All i can say it can and will happen to you every day theres hundreds if not thousands of new victims do you want to be next


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